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We provide your child daily with nutritious meals and snacks.  We are unable to provide for special diets.  If a special diet is required, it must be provided by the parents.


We provide a quiet rest or nap time for all full time children.  Some children may need sleep; others may rest.  We try to accommodate each child's sleep needs.



Our center will try to accommodate children with special needs (physical, behavioral, cognitive, etc...).  Close communication with the parents is essential to providing quality care.  If we feel a child should be evaluated further in order for them to get extra help early on, we will make those recommendations to the parents.


St. John Paul II Early Learning Center will not discriminate against children with special needs.  We will admit any special needs child on a trial basis of one month, after which we will require a conference with the parent(s).  At this conference, we will assess whether we are able to adequately care for the child within our current staffing patterns.  If we are unable to meet the child's needs, we will give the parents the time and assistance needed to find more appropriate care.


We have regular fire and disaster drills at school.  We urge each family to plan what you will do if disaster strikes during the day when you are separated at work, school, etc… You will find helpful disaster planning information in your phone book.  The children are taught to listen to the teachers directions.  We will give aid and comfort as needed until you or someone of your choice can get here.

St. John Paul II Early Learning Center reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following reasons:

  • non-payment or excessive late payments of fees

  • not observing the rules of the center as outlined in the parent agreement

  • special needs of a child which cannot be adequately met

  • physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or children by parent or child



The Diocesan Policy for closing the center due to inclement weather is will be communicated through our ParentAlert system that is connected to our school information system.  Please keep your information up-to-date with the ELC at all times.  You can also receive updates from the diocese by logging on to  We do not follow the public school system as they serve as emergency shelters that need lead time to set up and prep time to reopen.


We close promptly at 5:30 p.m.  A $5.00 late fee plus an additional charge of $1.00 for each minute thereafter per child will be assessed for late pick up of your child.  This fee is to be paid to the teacher who is caring for your child.  The fee is charged per child.

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